Thursday, March 13, 2014

cancun getaway

We took a quick break from this terrible polar vortex and headed off to Cancun Mexico for five nights. Luckily, as New Yorkers, this sunny and tourist friendly destination is only a 4(ish) hour flight from NYC.
Leaving on a 745a flight, we were at our hotel by 1130a - and into the sun by noon! We caught a great 48-hour special deal on Orbitz and stayed at the ME by Melia. It's a very modern hotel, with an upscale feel and "cool & sexy" vibe. My only gripe was that I was under the impression that it was an Adults Only (not in the swinger sense, more in the I don't need to hear kids running around the pool while I'm hungover) - and it turned out to be a more Adult Oriented sort of feel. Not quite a family-friendly option, but I cant blame a young couple for bringing their two-year old to spot that doesn't have 200 screaming kids and 5 water-slides.

Most of our days were spent bouncing between the pool and beach - with lots of drinks in between (all-inclusive package = bottomless brunch, bottomless snacktime, bottomless lunch, etc) one day at the pool party with a DJ from Mexico City, naps after swimming around in the Atlantic Ocean and lots of SPF!
Pool at the ME Cancun
ME by Melia - Cancun

We tried to make it out to dinner after our post-sun naps, but I really only got dressed up a few times!

j.crew top // peter pilotto for target pants // baggu bag in gold

zara crop top // bcbg bandage skirt in navy

One of my favorite parts of our trip was taking a ferry from Playa Tortugas to Isla Mujeres. It was about $19/each round-trip - and once we got to the island, we found a little rental shop and got a golf cart for the day for $40! We drove around the  beautiful little island, found a tiny beach bar with live raggae music and cheap beers and then went off to find lunch. We drove well past the very touristy area and drove down a few quieter streets, and happened upon a house with a Taqueria on their first floor. The owners were so kind - and all of the food was amazing!
Isla Mujeres street art

our entire lunch bill was $24 - 6 tacos, guacamole, a torta steak sandwich, queso fundido, and some juices!

golf carting down the streets
On one of our last evenings we told the waiter it was our honeymoon (well, it's still our newlywed year!) and they brought us out a delicious cheesecake dessert.

We're back home safe and sound, although I am starting to peel a little bit. 
Already can't wait for our next getaway!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

simple table number DIY

I constantly collect supplies and craft-type objects, because in my head, I have tons of projects. I'd love to paint, glue, build, refurbish, assemble - but the sad truth is that I just have a ton of random supplies. I hoard jars and stickers, keep broken items that should be tossed. I can't help it, I'm a crafter at heart, even though most of my ideas never make it out of my head.
I do however, have a really simple project - that I did to make table numbers. 

All you need is some mason jars (I got mine at Christmas Tree Shop), some foam numbers (Oriental Trading), and gold spray paint! 
I sprayed the rim of the jar for an extra pop of color. 
If you have more than 10 tables, you'll need a ton of the number 1, for more than 20, extra 2s as well, etc. Take a tally of how many of each number you will need before you get started. 

After spraying the foam numbers and allowing to dry, just place the numbers on the jars at the same height on each. 
I put a candle inside my jars, but flowers or colored candy would look cute for a small party! 

By keeping the numbers on the sticker sheet when you paint, the edges of the numbers will not be painted. This didn't bother me, but if you want a super clean look, you can carefully peel the background away from the numbers before painting. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Good Advice

not sure how i stumbled onto this gem, but it speaks to far more than just a 25 year old. although, 25 is a really good place to start to understand this advice. 
my favorite part::
Always make time for your parents. They might live for another 67 years…but they probably won’t. Enjoy the time you spend with them. Don’t try to rush off the phone when they are telling you about their week. Enjoy getting to know them as their adult child and realize that they still have a lot to teach you. 
In fact, make time for everyone in your life. You have a lot of people in your life who you love and who love you, be grateful. Don’t ever become one of those people who just gets too “busy.” Make time for the walk in the park, the cup of coffee, the glass of wine, the phone conversation. Make time.   

whats the best advice you have given or received?